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1031 exchanging commercial property

1031 Exchanging Commercial Property


1031 Exchanges, also commonly called like-kind exchanges, allow investment or business-use property owners to defer p...

1031 Exchange Seller Financing Options


When initiating a 1031 exchange, you have seller financing options for the sale of your relinquished property. Instea...

net selling price

Understanding the Five Basic Rules of a 1031 Exchange: Net Selling Price


What is Net Selling Price? Net Selling Price (NSP) is the contract sale price of a property minus some of the standar...

1031 exchange qualified intermediary

Understanding the Five Basic Rules of a 1031 Exchange: Qualified Intermediary


When doing a 1031 exchange, you must have a Qualified Intermediary (QI) involved in the process. A QI is a third-part...

Understanding the 5 rules of a 1031 exchange

Understanding the Five Basic Rules of a 1031 Exchange: Property Type


A 1031 exchange provides taxpayers the opportunity to defer taxes when they sell an investment or business-use proper...

1031 Exchange Centennial

1031 Exchange Centennial


2021 marks the 1031 exchange centennial. A 1031 exchange is the process of selling an investment property in exchange...

Using Airbnb for 1031 exchange Properties

Using Airbnb as a Rental Strategy for 1031 Exchange Properties


Using Airbnb for 1031 Exchange properties has become one of the biggest and best platforms with which real estate inv...

Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) - A More Passive Real Estate Investing Option

Delaware Statutory Trust (DST): A More Passive Real Estate Investing Option


Tax-deferred exchanges of investment and business-use property have been around in the United States since 1921 and h...

Year-End 1031 Exchanges Need to Take Additional Action

Year-End 1031 Exchanges Need to Take Additional Action to Take Advantage of the Full 180 Days


A 1031 exchange is a valuable tool for real estate investors looking to shelter gains from the sale of their investme...

Naples 1031 Exchange & Real Estate IRA

1031 Exchange Florida – Real Estate Investors Flock to Naples


Naples, Florida, is a sleepy retirement town that is no more. Naples boasts a robust economy and an even better real ...

florida 1031 exchanges

Florida 1031 Exchanges to Defer Capital Gains Tax


Real estate investors use Florida 1031 exchanges as a tax-deferral strategy. When selling investment or business-use ...

1031 exchange your business

1031 Exchanging Your Business Property


Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 allows business owners to exchange their real estate. Investors can exchange busin...

Title Closing Agent's Responsibility In a 1031 Exchange

Title Closing Agent’s Responsibility in a 1031 Exchange


A 1031 Exchange allows taxpayers to defer taxes when selling investment property. The first step in completing an exc...

Reverse 1031 Exchange for Real Estate Investors

Reverse 1031 Exchanges & How Investors Use Them


In today’s market, investors want the ability to buy profitable real estate assets promptly. If using a 1031 exchange...

1031 Exchange an Investor's Secret Weapon

My 1031 Reverse Exchange Is Complete, Now What?


You found the perfect replacement investment property. After purchasing it, you successfully sold your relinquished p...

Section 199A Final Regulations for 1031 Exchanges

Section 199A Final Regs – Good News for 1031 Exchanges


The proposed regs under Section 199A left many taxpayers and advisors scratching their heads as to the impact it woul...

1031 Exchange an Investor's Secret Weapon

A 1031 Exchange is Still an Investor’s Secret Weapon


A 1031 Exchange is the best-kept secret in the tax code. A 1031 exchange allows owners to sell an investment property...

1031 Exchange vs Opportunity Zone Investment

A 1031 Exchange vs Opportunity Zone Investment


What is an Opportunity Zone Investment? The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCIA) created a new investment called an Opportuni...

5 Benefits of a 1031 Exchange Besides Deferring Taxes



Real estate investors use 1031 exchanges to reap the main benefit of deferring capital gains tax. Successful exchange...

Defer Capital Gains Tax Using a 1031 Exchange Selling Investment Property

Defer Capital Gains Tax Using a 1031 When You Sell Investment Property


Savvy investors use 1031 exchanges to defer capital gains tax on the sale of investment property. These transactions ...

Defer Capital Gains Tax Using a 1031 Exchange Selling Investment Property

1031 Exchanges Help Build Real Estate Investing Capital


The 1031 Exchange Process 1031 exchanges allow the deferment of capital gains taxes on the sale of investment propert...

Should I Do a 1031 Exchange On My IRA Owned Property

Should I 1031 Exchange My IRA-Owned Property?


What Is a 1031 Exchange? A 1031 exchange is a transaction that allows you to exchange business or investment-use prop...

Reverse 1031 Exchange Transactions

What If Replacement Property Closes Before the Relinquished Property?


You’ve decided you want to do a 1031 exchange to defer capital gains on the sale of your property. However, your repl...

Run From Tax On Investment Real Estate Sales

Taxes Everywhere and No Where to Run!


Do you know how many taxes there can be on an investment real estate sale? Depending on the asset type, there are as ...

Vesting and 1031 Exchanges Same Taxpayer Rule



Vesting and 1031 exchanges require attention to the same taxpayer rule, which can be tricky if you don’t understand i...

How Vacation Property May Qualify for a 1031 Exchange

1031 Exchanges Offer Valuable Opportunities for Investors


Midland has its South office in sunny southwest Florida. The majority of the exchanges we facilitate are for taxpayer...

How to Defer Taxes On Investment Property

How to Defer Taxes on Your Investment Property


Wouldn’t it be nice not to pay taxes on the sale of your investment property? Well, depending on the strategy you use...

1031 Exchanges for Farmland and Ranches

1031 Exchanges for Farms (Farmland) and Ranches


Land prices for farmers and ranchers have increased. So, a 1031 exchange can be a tremendous tax-saving opportunity. ...

4 Tips for 1031 Exchanges



Every 1031 exchange is different. However, there are a few universal tips that will ensure a smooth, tax-free 1031 ex...