Midland 1031 – 1031 Exchange Qualified Intermediary

Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code is one of the last great tax shelters for investors. The seller pays capital gains taxes with the sale of investment real estate. In some cases, capital gains can be as high as 25 percent. By performing a 1031 exchange, investors can defer the payment of these taxes.

A 1031 exchange is the process of a sale property exchanging for a new investment property. As long as this transaction is a “trade up” in value and debt, taxes are completely deferred.

Why You Should Choose Midland 1031

Midland 1031 is excited to help you facilitate your 1031 exchange. As a Qualified Intermediary, Midland has processed over 15,000 exchanges in the last 25 years. We started in the fall of 1997 in a 690 square foot office on Sanibel Island, Florida. Since then, we have grown in size and experience. We have state-of-the-art technology, smart data security, and the guaranteed best client service. Our staff has over over 50 years of combined experience in 1031s and real estate taxation. Currently, Midland has two CES® (Certified Exchange Specialists®) on its team.

Midland is a nationwide 1031 company. We facilitate 1031 exchanges in every state. Florida 1031 exchanges are our specialty. More than half of our exchanges occur in Florida.

When you work with Midland, you are assigned a dedicated 1031 team member from beginning to end. As a result, you’ll work with someone who not only knows your 1031 exchange transaction, they know you. This level of service has helped us build relationships that last beyond the 180-day deadline. Midland 1031 is a member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA).

1031 Exchange Calculator

The Midland 1031 Exchange Calculator is an easy tool that you can use to estimate your exchange’s taxable impact. All aspects of your transaction are taken into account to ensure we provide detailed insight into your potential tax savings. You have the option to view and print your full estimated report for your convenience.

Schedule a Meeting

If you are looking to do a 1031 Exchange, schedule a virtual meeting with one of our exchange specialists.


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